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POLYUREA is state-of-the-art coating technology. It's fast cure times, superior physical properties, and zero VOC formulations achieve previously impossible results.
Explain that further...
POLYUREA is available in blends that are as flexible as tire rubber, or as hard as fiberglass. It has excellent resistance to process chemicals, abrasion and temperature. It is a 100% solids material, which means it contains no VOC's, no dangerous solvents. It can be applied to any thickness required, even on vertical and overhead surfaces, in a SINGLE APPLICATION.
POLYUREA is applied with plural component equipment that facilitates set times as fast as 2 seconds.
What does this mean FOR ME?
Simply, all your coatings requirements are solved by using a tough, flexible, monolithic membrane. No solvents or VOC's helps you meet ever toughening EPA and health regulations. Personnel discomfort in adjacent plant areas is virtually eliminated due to NO OFFENSIVE ODOUR.
POLYUREA'S extremely tough and flexible properties can be used to solve a wide variety of coating requirements, many times enabling equipment to be repaired, that previously would have been replaced.
POLYUREA'S super fast gel and set times let you return your equipment to service faster than ever before, with very little or no down time.
POLYUREA can be applied in conditions that other coating materials only dream of. Insensitive to moisture, and application in temperatures as low as -40F.
POLYUREA sprayed onto geotextile fabric for secondary containment areas, easily deals with protrusions from pipes, conduits, etc., sprayed directly onto protrusion. No clamps, no silicone, no welds to fail. No problem.

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